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We, SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS INDIA, (SPE India), are pleased to announce PLASTIC PIPES 2019.

Society of Plastic Engineers is a global leader in arranging Seminars and Technical Conferences and has always being successfully managing Seminars, and Technical Conferences, and have always managed to create a platform for Techno-Commercial discussions within the Plastics Industry. Being a recognized body, there is no doubt that participants will go back with a lot of information and knowledge after the event.

The organization is divided into five parts:
Local and Geographical Sections, Technical Divisions, Staff, Volunteer Leadership, Student Organizations. There are also groups which are under formation, such as Sections in Formation (SPE Sections) or Special Interest Groups (SPE Divisions.) It has been holding numerous technical seminars and international conference to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across various industry segments.

SPE India constituted of some of the top individuals from the plastics industry who volunteer their time, resources and efforts towards furthering the cause of the India Plastics Industry. SPE is the only place where people from all parts of the industry can come together around important issues & technologies.

SPE’s contribution to the plastics industry has made a significant difference to the technologies & innovations the industry enjoys today. Today, the industry is more interdependent than ever, and professional networks have taken on global dimensions. Such networks are almost impossible to develop and maintain in our fast-paced industry.

Participation in SPE is a key success factor to thrive in today’s business environment.

The objective of the SPE is to promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics. SPE helps people and companies in the plastics industry succeed, by spreading knowledge, strengthening skills & promoting plastics. SPE is the only place where people from all parts of the industry can come together around important issues & technologies.

Why Join SPE?
It has never been more important to be a member of your professional society than now, in the current climate of change and volatility in the plastics industry. Now, more than ever, the information you access and the personal networks you create can and will directly impact your future and your career.

Active membership in SPE – keeps you current, keeps you informed, and keeps you connected.

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