After obtaining his Doctorate in Chemistry under Prof. Paul Karrer, Noble Laurate, he was awarded a Fellowship by the French National Research Institute, and worked at Pastur Institute Paris and University of Montepellier. Published over a dozen research papers in well-known technical journals. Starting his career in Union Carbide India Limited, he established firm industrial trading two small scale units and finally promoted and established a multi crore unit “Gujarat Petrosynthese Limited “ of which he is currently Chairman and Managing Director.

1963 Dr Thakkar was associated with the establishment of Plastics Institute Indian Section of Plastics Institute, UK which is now the Indian Plastics Institute. He was a founder Secretary and acted as Secretary for over a decade and Vice Chairman for 2 years. He was also a Founder Chairman of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Indian Chapter.

He was Founder member of the Chemexil and was a committee member for 7 years and Vice Chairman for 2 years and led International delegations in 1963 & 1966. A member of Development Council of Organic Chemicals, Member of Indian Standard Institute, Vice Chairman of National Productivity Council, President of All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, has actively participated in all India business activities.